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Writer and photographer in Adelaide, Australia.

“FFE” and What This Blog Is About

Photo by Jennifer Sando

The scariest moment is always just before you start.
–Stephen King

Greetings. You have reached a new blog about self-empowerment and personal freedom in the context of creativity.

What does that actually mean?

I aim to offer inspiration as you work towards freedom, fulfilment and empowerment (let’s shorten those desirable states to “FFE”) within your creative environment and agenda.

I believe we’re a step closer to FFE when we follow our heart and go where the love is. This process involves rejecting and overcoming our fears. It’s true in any situation we may find ourselves in, including (and especially) our creative adventures, and this is what my blog posts will focus on.

Not only are creative pursuits good for the soul, they also help us get in touch with our core self, and reach out to others.

We can gain more confidence in ourselves and become better communicators thanks to our creativity. Some of us suffer from low self-esteem and feel that we are not natural communicators (I’ll put my hand up here), and diving into creative projects can help us on these fronts.

I am super-charged about sharing my views and personal reflections on these topics. I’m a little nervous about it too, if I can be honest. Why? Because I don’t have all the answers, I am not an expert, I don’t have a university degree, and I haven’t “made it” in terms of financial success…


…I am a serious creative, and I don’t know any other way, and it’s my favourite quality about myself. I also love that I can turn my quirks, “flaws” and oddities into art.

I’m also an evolving creative, and I am willing to share any creative wins that come my way so you can have wins, too. Although I am fortunate to have a kind of creative freedom, I am still paving my path–with more uncertainty than I would like; I’m therefore looking to this blog to help nurture my creative strengths and help you find yours.

You can read more about me on this page.

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About Genevra

I am a writer and photographer, and author of the book, Picture In A Frame.

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6 Replies

  1. Maggie Toramanian

    it’s like this is just for me! Thank you for creating this blog ❤️

    1. Jennifer Sando

      Wow Maggie, thank you so much for writing that.

  2. Seanley

    After 35 years, I’m finally discovering that I just MIGHT be a creative. I relate to much of what you’ve written. Thank you for writing!

    1. Jennifer Sando

      I’m glad you can relate to this! Sounds like creativity has been a friend waiting for you to make the first move. : )

  3. daniebothawriter

    Good for you, Jennifer!
    And it seems like a neat photography/coffee table book that you have to your name.
    FYI, you don’t need a university degree to impact people.
    Often, fancy degrees can stand in the way.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jennifer Sando

      Hi Danie, thanks for commenting. (And for checking out my book!) Cheers

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