I’m Genevra. My blog is centered around creativity.

Do you ever feel like the creative part of you is in chains and you don’t know how to set it free? Or, perhaps, you feel you have been set free, but you’re like a deer in headlights — which direction to take?

I’ve felt that way, too.

I’ll be honest. The reasons for this blog are two-fold. I want to share my journey with you (the setbacks and the breakthroughs), and I want to offer inspiration in the process. This post may better explain why I have chosen such themes for my blog, and what kind of content to expect.

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A little more about me

I left my job in IT to enter motherhood. During that time, I started and ran my own photography business. I published my first book born out of a social media photography campaign about Eddie Vedder, called Picture in a Frame. The campaign was unusual and risky but remains one of my most rewarding creative experiences. I then took a break from photography to have my second child. I wrote the first draft of my novel during my pregnancy, and have begun my journey to see it traditionally published. I live in Adelaide, Australia with my two children and a Cavalier spaniel called Louie.

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