When Nature Supports Your Creative Journey

If you have ever felt lost and disorganised and unsure of the next step in your creative journey, have you considered that clarity awaits in the great outdoors? Before I elaborate on that notion, I’m going to admit that deciding to write about self-empowerment is a bold move for me. It’s a very grown-up topic… (I still see myself as the zitty teenager spending hours holed up in my attic bedroom writing my first screenplay just for myself.) I wasn’t sure if that type of blog was the right step for me to take. I knew that if I put Self-Empowerment in my blog’s tagline, I needed to be sure of what I was bringing to the table. Was it even the right term? A friend of mine had said she found the word empowerment too strong and too emotive…

What Is This Blog About?

We can gain more confidence in ourselves and become better communicators thanks to our creativity. Some of us suffer from low self-esteem and feel that we are not natural communicators (I’ll put my hand up here), and diving into creative projects can help us on these fronts.